Ordnance Survey Key Visual

Whilst pitching for the Ordnance Survey business I was briefed to come up with an illustration for a key visual to hold the campaign route together, The concept was based around the idea of the Ordnance Survey providing Great British Adventures. Working closely with the Art Director on the project, the idea was to create a Union Flag using geographical elements found on a typical map.

As this was a pitch scenario, timings were extremely tight so I had to use my initiative and work as efficiently as possible. Downloading a PDF of an existing map, I extracted the tree icons in Illustrator and created a pattern that I could then use to fill areas quickly. Using the existing colour palette, I then drew the remaining elements, trying to strike the right balance between making the visual work, but keeping it subtle enough to look good at the same time.

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Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey
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