FotoFringe Cardiff:
Branding and Posters


I developed the branding and three promotional launch posters for the inaugural Cardiff Fotofringe series of photographic exhibitions. The brief from the organisers was to come up with a striking and simple identity, with a retro flavour to it.

As budgets were low, the organisers were planning to get A1 black-and-white photocopies made, rather than using digital or litho print. Rather than seeing this as a constraint, I used it as the starting point for the design. White would get grubby when pasted up on walls so it made sense for the designs to be predominantly black. As the photocopies wouldn't hold small detail I kept the designs as simple as possible.

The main advantage of photocopying was that it allowed me to present a unified suite of posters. The organisers could get three different, complementary designs photocopied, rather than having to pick one only for a print run.

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