Bainbridge Studios:
Bainbridge Open 2014 Poster


Bainbridge Studios provide printmaking facilities, workshops, artists' studios and exhibition space in London. I was tasked with creating a poster to promote their annual fine art printmaking exhibition. The aim was to raise awareness of the exhibition itself and to encourage printmakers to enter and submit their work.

Bainbridge Studios had limited existing branding and no real budgets to speak of. The posters were to be screenprinted in-house and so it was necessary that the design could work in one colour only.

I was struggling to come up with a compelling identity for the project when I had the idea of reversing the title graphic. Printmakers are used to reading and working 'back to front' so it had the benefit of making both a striking visual image and also being an in joke that would hopefully attract and appeal to the target audience.

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Bainbridge Open
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